Labels that are more environmentally friendly


In paper self-adhesive labels, the share of FSC-certified label materials has grown significantly in recent years. In addition, there are label materials from paper that are available and have a significantly smaller carbon footprint than traditional paper labels.
Paper suitable for the production of wet adhesive labels made from 100% recycled fibre is available on the market. In practice, the quality of the paper is so close to that of a label made from virgin fibre that the difference is not noticeable.

Self-adhesive labels containing recycled plastic are available, for example, for the labelling of cans and bottles. BOPP film can also be made from recycled polypropylene. The use of BOPP film in the wrap-around label can be replaced by a paper label.

Label laminates made from wood-based oil can replace synthetic plastic labels. The properties of bioplastic labels are exactly the same as traditional plastic labels.

We only use food-approved low-migrating inks when printing labels.
Feel free to contact us and we will discuss what eco-friendly labelling opportunities we could offer for your particular company.

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