We are a customer-orientated
label manufacturer

Nordic Label is the leading label manufacturer in Finland. We manufacture high-quality labels with offset, flexo and digital printing machines for food and beverage manufacturers and industrial applications. Our operations are guided by our leading values, the most important of which is customer-orientation: we keep the promises we make. We strive towards identifying the needs of our customers in order to produce services and products that advance their businesses.

Bottle labels

The right label promotes product profiling, creates shelf presence and contributes to sales. Due to limited surface, one way of standing out is by adding various effects such as embossing, material choices and different shapes. Bottle labels are often key to purchase decisions. We help you achieve a successful label that sells the product.

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Food packaging

Information and decorations can be printed in many ways on food packaging. The key is to stand out from the competition, promote sales and create a positive image. 

Food packaging is becoming increasingly customer-oriented. Consumers are also interested in finding environmentally friendly material and packaging solutions. We are experienced in this approach.

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Industrial labels and logistics

Functional label adds functionality to form, connecting packaging, users and the environment in different ways. 

Technological progress has brought a number of opportunities for developing smart labels. They help simplify and improve the efficiency of logistics. Logistics labels help communicate the exact location of products in the delivery chain. Smart label helps quality assurance.

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Consumer products

Sometimes specific features are required from labels. There may be legal requirements regarding certain information or languages to be included on the label, which may require additional printing area. Multi-page labels allows us to fit dozens of pages-worth of information in a small area. Labels can be printed to withstand various conditions during transport, storage and use. We can make you a label that lasts for the entire life cycle of your product.

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