Recycle, replace, reduce


The 3R-framework


The 3R-framework (Recycle – Replace – Reduce) helps to map how sustainable development can be improved upon for each customer. Together with the customer, we go through the goals, needs and the production process, after which it is easier to choose the right labelling material, adhesive and printing method.

A high-quality label material that is optimised for the labelling line reduces both material and time loss on the packaging line.


A properly selected labelling material will have a significant impact on packaging recycling.

Labels made from recycled material are available on the market for almost all types of labels. Not only that, but also the self-adhesive label’s backing paper can be recycled. Read more about environmentally friendly material options.


Replacing a plastic label with one made of paper or vice versa should always be considered on a case by case basis so as not to jeopardise the recyclability of the packaging.


By lessening the material strengths of the labels, it is possible to reduce both the costs and the carbon footprint. For example, compared to a cardboard belt, a self-adhesive label saves material because the label is much lighter than cardboard.

Feel free to contact us and we will find out how we can work together to promote sustainable development in your company!

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