Nordic Label is the leading label manufacturer in Finland.  Our turnover is over 20 million euros and we employ around 100 printing industry professionals. We manufacture high-quality labels with offset, flexo and digital printing machines for food and beverage manufacturers and industrial applications.

Our operations are guided by our leading values, the most important of which is customer-orientation: we keep the promises we make. We strive towards identifying the needs of our customers in order to produce services and products that advance their businesses. We monitor the efficiency of our processes and the quality of the end product and service. We communicate our quality and environmental objectives to our staff and suppliers, ensuring that our supply chain is compliant with relevant standards.

Our management system is compliant with the requirements of ISO standards 9001:2015 and 14001:2015. We regularly evaluate our operating environment and the impacts of its changes on our operations. We comply with all relevant laws and requirements and evaluate their impact on our operations. Our management system ensures the continuous improvement of the efficiency and environmental friendliness of our operations.

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