Find the right printing technique for every job

We use offset printing, flexography and digital printing. We choose the right printing technique based on the customer’s project requirements and printing size. All printing techniques have their own advantages. Offset printing and flexography are suitable for the cost-effective printing of large batches of labels and stickers, while digital printing enables low-cost printing of small batches.


Digital printing for batches that are small or varying in size

Digital printing offers many possibilities for printing labels and stickers. The files are digitally loaded directly to the machine, and thus no separate printing plates are required. Since the initial start-up costs for the work are low, this makes it particularly suitable for printing small batches and those which vary in size.

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Flexography wrap-around labels and stickers

We use flexography to print plastic wrap-around labels. The labels are attached to the plastic bottles by gluing the ends of the label together. Flexography is also suitable for printing different types of labels. It is a cost-effective method in large batches.

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Offset printing for wet-adhesive labels

We use offset printing to print paper wet-adhesive labels for glass bottles. Offset printing works best when used in large, unchanged batches. Once the printing plates have been made, they can be used to print large quantities cost-effectively.

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