Flexo printing for rolls

Flexography is a form of relief printing. Currently, the most commonly used printing material is photopolymer plastic. A flexo printing machine, similar to an offset printing machine, features several rollers. While initial costs are higher, large label batches can be printed cost-efficiently.

Why choose flexo printing?

Quick for handling large batches
Cost-efficient for extended batches
The right choice for label rolls
The right choice for plastic labels

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a suitable alternative?

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    Extensive moisture/wet product
    Works with greasy product surface
    Detachable label
    Warm product above 30C
    Frozen product below -4C

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    The right choice for plastic labels

    We use flexo printing machine for plastic wrap around labels for plastic bottle application. The labels are delivered to the client in rolls. Flexo printing is also used for various labels from logistics to food product and consumer goods packaging labels.

    For precision work

    Wrap around labels are wrapped around the bottle with the ends of the label glued together. This makes length tolerances extremely important. Flexo printing can handle any precision work.


    Flexo printing is at its best handling large batches without changes. Once the printing plates have been made, they can be used for printing large quantities of labels cost-efficiently.

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