Digital printing facilitates smaller batches

Digital printing offers various possibilities for printing labels. It is a quick, flexible technique that is particularly suitable for printing constantly changing information and smaller batches. The print material is entered into the printer in digital format, no plates are necessary.

Why choose digital printing?

Quick implementation
Cost-effective for smaller batches
Smart labels

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    Extensive moisture/wet product
    Works with greasy product surface
    Detachable label
    Warm product above 30C
    Frozen product below -4C

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    Quick implementation

    The preparation and modification, even the printing process itself, is faster compared to traditional methods. Traditional methods can take up to four times the amount of time required by digital printing due to printing plate manufacturing. Digital printing only requires the material in electronic format, allowing for work to commence quickly. This allows the customer to modify the appearance of the product up to the last moment.

    Cost-effective for smaller batches

    The initial costs for digital printing are low, making it a cost-effective method for manufacturing small batches of labels. Orders can be placed for as little as dozens of products.

    Suitable for constantly changing information

    Digital printing is suitable for constantly changing information, as new data can be easily entered into the printing machine. Digital printing allows each print product to be unique, which can help make the product more attractive and boost sales. This method can also be used for printing various smart features, such as QR codes.

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