Offset printing is

Modern offset printing uses thin, small grain aluminium sheet plates. The process involves using water and rollers to transfer ink onto the plate. Offset printing requires four plates per image, one for each colour of the colour separation. While initial costs are higher, large label batches can be printed cost-efficiently thanks to budget-friendly colours.


Why choose offset printing?

Quick for handling large batches
Cost-effective for handling large batches
Compatible with various label shapes
Special finishes, including gold foil stamping

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    Extensive moisture/wet product
    Works with greasy product surface
    Detachable label
    Warm product above 30C
    Frozen product below -4C

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    Various package shapes

    We use offset printing for wet-glue labels for bottles and jars. Labels are printed on sheets, stencilled and delivered to the customer in stacks. The technique makes it possible to print labels of any shape.

    Cost-effective for handling large batches

    Offset printing is at its best handling large batches without changes. Once the printing plates have been made, they can be used for printing large quantities of labels cost-efficiently.

    Suitable for special finishes

    Offset printing can be used for special finishes, including gold foil stamping and lamination.

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