Smart labels offer
new opportunities

E-commerce has added to the prevalence of smart labels and logistics labels. They help simplify and improve the efficiency of logistics. Technological progress has brought a number of opportunities for developing smart labels. Conductors, sensors, indicators, switches and batteries can be printed onto smart labels. We are happy to help you choose the right smart label and logistic label solutions.

Labels for improved logistics

Logistics labels help communicate the exact location of products in the delivery chain. Each product has a unique identifier stored in the label, improving traceability and material flow monitoring.

Smart label helps quality assurance

Smart label helps quality assurance. The label can, for example, indicate whether the cold chain has been interrupted, i.e. whether the package has been exposed to high temperatures during the transportation and storage. Such labels are vital particularly in food and pharmaceutical industries.

Added interaction 

Functional label adds functionality to form, connecting packaging, users and the environment in different ways. Originally designed for tracking production in the assembly line manufacturing industry, QR codes have become popular in consumer product labels. Smart labels can, for example, help refer consumers to your company website.

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