Good food packaging is
practical and durable

Food packaging is becoming increasingly customer-oriented. Consumers are also increasingly interested in finding environmentally friendly material and packaging solutions. We are experienced in this approach. For example, new meat product packaging featuring 50% less plastic is user and environmentally friendly. Food packaging is often subjected to harsh conditions, including humidity and cold. It is important they remain in good condition for the duration of the product’s shelf life.

Large surface is an opportunity

We manufacture labels that can cover the entire product. The design allows plenty of surface for information and graphics.

Label brings packaging
to life

All necessary information can be included in the label, allowing for a more simple packaging design.

Self-adhesive label for additional information

Food packaging may require additional information, which is easy to add with a self-adhesive label. The label can include information such as a list of ingredients in Finnish or a best before date stamp.

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