Consumer product labels may feature special techniques

Sometimes specific features are required from labels. There may be legal requirements regarding certain information or languages to be included on the label, which may require additional printing area. For example, the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries use multi-page labels in order to fit dozens of pages-worth of information in a small area. Labels should also be able to withstand various conditions during transport, storage and use. We should also be informed of the material of solvent or medicine containers in order to be able to choose the correct label material.

Looking to print a label containing a lot of information?

A two to three-page label can fit plenty of information without impacting the appearance of the label.  We make multi-page labels by combining two or three labels, making it possible to open and close the pages. A booklet-style label can include up to 40 pages.

We make durable labels

Labels can be printed to withstand various conditions during transport, storage and use. We can make you a label that lasts for the entire life cycle of your product. For example, labels on shampoo bottles must withstand humidity, while toothpaste labels must withstand squeezing. Labels for products stored outdoors must withstand temperature fluctuations and sunlight. With the right choice of ink we can ensure that your display window items stay looking fresh.

Glue is important, too

The contents of your product impact the choice of glue for applying the label. The glue must also be compatible with the application conditions. For example, labels applied to frozen products require the right kind of glue.

A plastic bottle filled with solvents, including car washing detergents, may have the tiniest of leaks. However, even the smallest of drops can be enough to dissolve the glue. This is why we always select the glue according to the product.

Any questions?

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