There is a right printing
technique for every job 

We use offset, flexo and digital printing. We choose the right technique based on the customer’s project. Each printing technique has its benefits. We provide cost-efficient offset and flexo printing for large batches and digital printing for smaller batches.

Digital printing for small, changing batches

Digital printing offers various possibilities for printing labels. The print material is entered into the printer in digital format, no plates are necessary. Low initial costs make this technique suitable for printing constantly changing information in small batches.

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Flexo printing for self-adhesive and wrap around labels

We use flexo printing machine for wrap around labels that are wrapped around the bottle with the ends of the label glued together. Flexo printing is also suitable for printing various self-adhesive labels. This is a cost-effective method for handling large batches.

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Offset printing for
wet-glue labels

We use offset printing for wet-glue labels on bottles and jars. Offset printing is at its best handling large batches without changes. Once the printing plates have been made, they can be used for printing large quantities of labels cost-efficiently.

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