Colour selection for your label plays a big role in sales


Colours are important in communication. We see a large number of labels and products in digital and printed format in the media and outlets every day. Colours play a key role in standing out from the masses and reaching the target group.

Colours have a psychological effect on people. We associate various themes and events with colours. Successful communication is predicated on having an understanding of colour matching and colour associations. A carefully crafted palette can enhance your message. In the long run, colours help elicit brand loyalty and reinforce customer relations. This way, a well designed colour scheme can contribute to the success of your company. 

Experiencing colours

You might have noticed that you and your colleagues or customers may experience colours slightly differently. Why is this? Light is reflected on objects, and that light is transformed into colours in our brains. Therefore, how we experience colours depends on the relationship of three factors: 

  • Light source
  • Object
  • Observer 

When any of these factors vary, so does the overall impression of colours.

Colours in the graphic value chain

Evaluating colours is always subjective. Therefore, it is important to standardise colour processing internally between departments and externally between suppliers and customers. This standardisation requires observing the aforementioned three factors. 

Adopting an active approach to colours throughout the graphic value chain helps eliminate errors and ensure that the end product will feature the right colours regardless of whether it is a package, label or other form of communication.

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