Wet glue

Wet glue labeling is a traditional and robust way of labeling bottles and jars. Nordic Label is focusing on printing high quality wet glue labels which perform without failure even in the fastest labeling units.

Nordic Label has extensive experience of wet glue labels. During this time Nordic Label has built a strong understanding of the requirements of the labeling units at various breweries and can/jar filling companies. Special emphasis is put on paper quality which needs to be suitable for the conditions at the place of application. The labels need to be absolute flat and the absorption properties right in order for the glue to penetrate into the label without causing any curling or deformation.

We at Nordic Labels know exactly what is required of a good label and we can ensure our customers get the highest quality labels. We put emphasis not only at the print quality but also at the visual aspects which includes all needed marks, readable barcodes etc. Our in-house repro-department knows the requirements of good labels and can guarantee that the colors will look on the printed label exactly as you expected.


Wrap around labels has become very popular as the PET bottles have gained market share. Today almost all PET-bottles have a BOPP-wrap around label around the bottle. This is a convenient way to make a transparent or colored plastic bottle nice looking product on the self.

Nordic Label has close to ten years experience of printing wrap around labels. We use both transparent and opaque BOPP (Bi-Oriented Polypropylene) material which we print in our UV-Flexographic printing machines which are specially designed to print labels. We have the possibility to do cold foil and laminate various other materials on top of the label.

Self Adhesive

Self-adhesive labels are gaining popularity labeling method for bottles as more and more glass bottles are collected as recycled glass only. Self adhesive gives new opportunities in developing labeling units as there is no need to apply adhesive on to the label.

Nordic Label is following the trend and has excellent capabilities to produce good quality self adhesive labels on various face material / adhesive combinations. Together we can find the right self adhesive material for you.

Flexible packaging

Flexible packaging is including a broad range of various packaging methods. It includes all kind of wraps from candy bars to shrink wraps.

Nordic Label has the capability to print good looking wraps and to finish them to suit your application. We can also help you find the right laminate with excellent barrier properties to protect and maximize the shelf-life of your product including over lamination.