Nordic Label traces it origins to 1869 when the Tilgmann printing house was established. Today Nordic Label is a leading label manufacturer in the Nordic countries with production in Siuntio.



Nordic Label is focused on two main products: Wet glue labels and Wrap around labels.

Traditionally Wet Glue labels have been the main labeling method for glass bottles and Nordic Label has always had a major market share in this product in the Nordic Countries. Wrap around labels are used on PET bottles. 2007 Nordic Label entered this market and since then it has been the market leader in the Nordic Countries. Nordic Label also produces Self-adhesive labels for microbreweries and certain products for the food industry. Nordic Label continues to actively look for opportunities in new areas, particularly in the food industry.



Nordic Label, part of Tilgmann Group, has a turnover of EUR 7 million. Around 40 persons work with state of the art sheet fed offset and UV-Flexo printing machines to produce high quality labels especially for breweries but also for producers of cans and jars. An ISO 9001 certificate is a cornerstone in assuring the best possible quality and customer service on the market. Nordic Label is continuously looking to improve its operations and to look into new innovative ways of doing things.